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    Petrol into a Diesel Car? Nightmare! Call Us..

    We believe in helping you out in every possible stressful scenario while you’re on road. Another nuisance one often encounters could be putting wrong fuel in the car! For instance, putting petrol in diesel engine car or diesel in a petrol car engine, which could consequently damage the engine.

    And you might find yourself pretty far away from a service station before grasping you’ve the wrong fuel in the engine of your car.

    It’s a common mistake which can cause havoc to your journey, resulting in damage to your fuel system, if not dealt with properly and professionally.

    When you put petrol fuel in, the mixture of petrol and diesel form a solvent that reduces lubrication and triggers harm to the pump as the metal parts come into contact and rub together. This also negatively affects other parts of the fuel system that are not compatible with petrol.

    Make sure your engine is not running and to be on the safe side remove your keys from the ignition system. Starting your engine will circulate the mixed fuel around your engine, increasing the damage!

    And then, call us at Towing Dublin! Do not try to drain the fuel yourself as there are appropriate procedures to do it and a little error on your part could result in additional destruction of the engine. Also, don’t add any more fuel once you have discovered the mistake.

    Our experts remove the fuel as well as any residues left of it, and we’ll fill it up with the right fuel.

    Wrong Fuel Dublin No Problem

    Wrong Fuel No Problem!

    Our people carry all kinds of fuel to guarantee that you are being given the right one. Possible damage can be curtailed significantly if a trained and professional roadside procedure is put into action. Therefore, team of Tow Truck Dublin will reach out wherever you’ll be, in moments and ensure that your car is working and will get you driving again in no time.

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    24/7 Wrong Fuel Rescue Dublin

    24/7 Wrong Fuel Rescue

    We come to you 24/7- 365 days a year. Next time you make this mistake and don’t know how to cope with is, well, you know who to reach. Our qualified and trained staff have been fully prepared and equipped to deal with such emergencies, in a smooth and time saving manner. So, you can get back to what you had planned in no time!

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    Happy Wrong Fuel Client Dublin

    Happy Rescued Clients

    Our clients have always been more than satisfied with our services and we are known to be reliable and trustworthy. We promise you the finest, problem-free experience every time you opt to benefit from our services. Avoid taking any risks since this easy-to-make error can lead to a number of costly glitches unless your specific fuel, car and situation are treated correctly.

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    Call us at ……. and our trained staff can assist you on an urgent basis. With our professional attention, we can typically get you driving in the minimum possible time in the most cost-efficient way.

    Our commitment and dedication to our customers have helped us in establishing a good repute and we are well-known for delivering prompt and high-quality service.

    What is in it for you?

    • We Arrive on the time you scheduled
    • Highly qualified mechanics
    • Efficient and fast working
    • Fixed price
    • Strict Code of conduct for our mechanics
    • Fast delivery

    Benefits of picking us for Wrong Fuel Rescue:

    • Instant reply on call.
    • Experienced at what we do.
    • Work efficiently and reduce disturbance.
    • Trustworthy team.
    • Co-operative.
    Pete and his team where excellent. Came 20 minutes after initial phone call. Affordable, Reliable and best of all trusted!

    5 / 5 stars

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